Master the Flow in Timberborn’s Beaver Society City Sim

Timberborn game
Timberborn game

Two years in Early Access has allowed the charming city survival simulator Timberborn to earn widespread acclaim for it’s innovative water-based settlement building as industrious beavers. This lush lumberpunk refuge for nature’s architects ensconced in pastoral post-apocalyptic settings provides a uniquely tranquil crafting experience.

Timberborn Shines in Two Years of Early Access Polish

In a world abandoned by humanity, resilient rodents establish their own societies, either the family-focused Folktails or mechanically-minded Iron Teeth. Despite distinct values, all beaver enclaves require water astutely managed. Building in Timberborn revolves around exploiting and conserving every drop. If you have a deep passion for strategy games then you’ll love this title.

An unobtrusive tutorial swiftly sets the scene before bestowing freedom. With minimal guidance, players learn through experimentation how vital water becomes. Storing river water satisfies thirst, nourishes crops and resuscitates soil. Hoarding vast quantities creates reserves for inevitable droughts ahead.

Timberborn gameplay

The signature woodcutting also proves essential. Dispatching lumberjacks to harvest trees, then restoring the forests with planters, sustains an endless bounty of lumber for construction. Combined with abundant water, ambitious architects can raise breathtaking beaver bastions.

Keep Beavers Happy and Healthy to Maintain Prosperity

Beyond infrastructure, beavers demand care and contentment. Medical tents treat injuries, grinders soothe teeth, showers clean fur. Morale-boosting campfires and cooked meals prevent discontent. With basic welfare ensured, beavers energetically maintain their community, gathering food, inventing technology, starting families.

Despite the placid music and graphics, threats loom. Early overextension without fortifying fundamentals causes rapid collapse when calamity strikes. After an unsuccessful first attempt, restarting on the same map felt easier with hindsight. But as my first severe drought hit, lack of irrigation devastated crops. Though temporary, this crisis reinforced important lessons about prevention and preparation.

Timberborn’s deceptive simplicity masks genuine challenge requiring foresight. However, the soothing presentation eases frustration, making failures learning opportunities. The inviting pace accommodates casual and veteran city builder fans alike without excluding either.

Constant Updates Keep The Game Exciting

There’s recently been an update for the strategy title too, which is the fourth since it’s inception. The recent update added more monuments, a new agriculture system, a new map and new Iron Teeth-exclusive buildings. You can check out the trailer for this below.

YouTube video

Release from Early Access approaches, but Timberborn has already proven itself a standout among peers. The beguiling lumberpunk aesthetic combined with novel water mechanics crystallise an engaging settled survival simulation. Letting one’s guard down in this beaver paradise invites ecological havoc, yet the ambience remains serene.

Timberborn Update 4

Linux and Steam Deck Users Can Build Anywhere with Proton

Timberborn harnesses Proton’s translation layer to deliver seamless performance on Linux PCs and the Steam Deck handheld without stability concerns marring the experience. However, the lack of gamepad controls on Deck is an ergonomic nuisance, forcing users to resort to the ungainly on-screen keyboard. Thankfully, configuring Steam Input to emulate mouse and keyboard inputs rather than demand genuine hardware peripherals alleviates matters for mobile beaver builders.

Surprisingly for an Early Access title, Timberborn exhibits excellent technical polish across multiple platforms. Linux users often endure shoddy ports, but Proton compatibility allows Linux and Steam Deck players to enjoy Timberborn’s charms without issues. The control limitations on Deck do require inconvenient touchscreen typing, though with proper Steam Input configuration, playing Timberborn on the couch away from a desk feels great.

While still evolving ahead of a definitive launch, Timberborn’s accessible, deep simulation gameplay already provides countless hours of engaging content for city builder fans. The strong technical foundations operating smoothly on Linux and mobile suggest Timberborn will remain engrossing across platforms as development continues.

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