PS4/Switch Get Red Dead Redemption, But Major Features Missing

Red Dead Redemption Coming to Switch and PS4
Red Dead Redemption Coming to Switch and PS4

Rockstar unveils the original Red Dead Redemption as it rides again on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this August, courtesy of external developer Double Eleven. Despite enduring requests for a remaster, this release appears to simply port the acclaimed 2010 western epic and zombie expansion Undead Nightmare to modern platforms. However, glaring omissions risk leaving fans feeling short-changed at full price.

Switch/PS4 Red Dead Redemption Official Trailer

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Rumours predicting a comprehensive Red Dead Redemption overhaul ultimately proved premature. Early impressions rather indicate a modest upgrade over the last-gen originals, not a dramatic visual overhaul. At £50/$49.99, some may consider this barebones approach lacking justification, given the game’s age and intact core content.

No RDR Xbox, PS5 or PC Versions Being Released

The 17th August digital launch precedes a 13th October physical edition. PlayStation 5 owners can play the PS4 version via backwards compatibility, but no native release exists presently. Xbox receives no port at all, limiting accessibility to the original titles on modern systems. Most disappointing for many is the continued absence of a PC port, desired since 2010.

One more conspicuous absence affects multiplayer, seemingly excised completely if announcements citing only single-player experiences prove accurate. The online component found great appeal originally, so removing this sees more value lost.

Understandably, the hodgepodge of omitted features risks leaving fans dissatisfied, despite finally granting Switch owners access. The inclusion of Undead Nightmare will please some, but the overall package may still feel dated and inferior to more concerted remasters like Grand Theft Auto’s.

Red Dead Redemption For Nintendo Switch

However, Rockstar’s intent becomes more understandable considering their 2018 magnum opus Red Dead Redemption 2. Directly modernising the original could detract attention from the masterful prequel which remains playable through newer consoles. This strategic lens explains confining the release.

Equally, licensing obstacles regarding expired song rights may have hindered a fuller remaster. Rockstar possibly determined delivering the pure core experience now to wider audiences made sense financially versus an uncertain, delayed overhaul.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Still, clearer messaging setting appropriate expectations may have eased frustrations. Labeling this a remaster or touting full feature parity was misleading if fundamental components faced necessary sacrifice. Managed expectations, not features themselves, often decide receptions.

Looking ahead, Rockstar could directly enhance elements like audiovisuals and controls via a patch. If the publisher commits further to sustaining Red Dead Redemption’s revitalised popularity across platforms, substantial upgrades remain possible over time.

For now, tempering anticipation seems advisable. But this low-key resurrection could represent a test run for gauging interest in a fuller restoration down the line. Have a little faith in unconventional opportunities.

In summary, Rockstar played it safer than desired but acted logically given corporate and creative realities. Whether one deems the compromises acceptable is subjective. But Red Dead Redemption deserves a fitting legacy. How Rockstar shepherds this re-release forward remains pivotal.

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