Red Dead Online player uncovers game-breaking trick for taking down large animals

Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online
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A valuable combat strategy for taking down large animals in Red Dead Online has been uncovered by a player. Hunting and profiting from animals is a major aspect of the game, but it can be challenging. Knowing this strategy can be helpful when encountering tough situations.

Despite a lack of updates, Red Dead Online still maintains a dedicated player base, who prefer its Western sandbox gameplay over newer titles. In fact, some players even hosted a funeral for the game, but its popularity remains strong within the online community.

Redditor Prodigy772k shares a valuable combat trick in Red Dead Online to avoid getting mauled by the Legendary Golden Spirit Bear. While some may consider it a cheap tactic, it can be crucial in defeating the game’s toughest enemies.

Despite being almost five years old, players continue to find new ways to leverage the game’s mechanics, demonstrating the longevity of Rockstar’s Western sandbox. The clip that they posted can be viewed below:

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Community Got Involved

Red Dead Online players shared their own tips for taking down Legendary animals in the Reddit thread. One player recommended using a technique similar to staring down the animal, which can be surprisingly effective in the game.

Other players likened this technique to Dark Souls’ combat, where rolling is a key part of the game’s combat system. Although combat may not be as intricate as that of FromSoftware’s title, it’s interesting to see players discovering new ways to approach it.

Rockstar continue to update GTA V whilst their action-adventure Western doesn’t seem to get much love from them these days. Grand Theft Auto 6 is still far away and doesn’t seem to be near completion in the foreseeable future so it is strange how they neglect one of their biggest game titles.

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Red Dead Online can be played on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

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