New Alone in the Dark Trailer Spotlights Edward Carnby

Alone In The Dark Edward Carnby Trailer

Alone in the Dark Reboot Trailer Spotlights David Harbour’s Tormented Edward Carnby.

Alone In The Dark Edward Carnby Trailer

A new trailer for THQ Nordic’s Alone in the Dark reboot shifted focus entirely onto one of the horror classic’s iconic protagonists, Edward Carnby. And Stranger Things star David Harbour’s anguished performance immediately conjures doom-laden Southern Gothic atmosphere.

The footage captures Carnby alone midst ruination, ruminating manically on the nature of evil and reality’s cruel unpredictability. Flickering candles and shadowy narration cast an ominous pall.

Official Edward Carnby Trailer For Alone In The Dark Remake

YouTube video

Harbour’s gravely tones and disquieted eyes channel immense torment, implying Carnby’s mind deteriorates alongside cursed Derceto Manor. The believability results from advanced facial animation capturing Harbour’s uncanny visage.

This latest glimpse follows initial trailers establishing Alone in the Dark’s collector’s edition. Carnby and Emily Hartwood investigate Emily’s missing uncle at the foreboding Louisiana estate housing the deranged and dangerous.

There, the intrepid pair will confront deeply troubling secrets while battling nightmarish entities and solving environmental puzzles. The classic 1992 template endures, now reinvigorated with cinematic presentation.

Alone In The Dark Edward Carnby

Having certified Hollywood talent like Harbour and Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer portray the leads demonstrates THQ Nordic’s ambition. Their acting pedigree brings welcome complexity to those investigating Derceto’s sinister unknown.

Based on the trailers, Alone in the Dark lenses psychological themes through Southern Gothic style to produce thick dread. The setting seethes with spiritual unease that gnaws at psyches rather than relying on jump scares. There was also a trailer showcasing Jodie Comer as Emily Hartwood separately released by THQ.

Alone In The Dark Emily Hartwood Showcase Trailer

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This measured approach to terror aligns perfectly with Harbour’s haunted words and thousand-yard stare. Flashing between quiet anguish and demented ranting implies sanity’s precarious precipice.

And the decision to devote an entire trailer to Harbour’s Carnby and Comer’s Hartwood monologue spotlights their inner collapse. Not all darkness festers externally – sometimes the scariest monsters reside within. Alone in the Dark grasps that balance.

Soon players can experience Derceto’s diabolical domain for themselves when the game finally launches on consoles and PC. Options to approach mysteries as either Emily or carnby promise diverging insights.

If you’re itching to play, there’s currently a playable demo out at the moment so you can try out the horror title first to see if you like it.

Alone in the Dark arrives January 16th, 2024 for Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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