Alone in the Dark Collector’s Edition Trailer

Alone In The Dark Collector's Edition
Alone In The Dark Collector's Edition

THQ Nordic, the renowned gaming company, has unveiled the spine-chilling Collector’s Edition of the highly anticipated Alone in the Dark remake. This year, horror gaming enthusiasts will rejoice as one of the genre’s most iconic franchises, Alone in the Dark, makes a triumphant return with a fresh, contemporary look tailored for the current generation of players.

Alone in the Dark Reboot Collector’s Edition Official Trailer

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The Collector’s Edition is brimming with eerie collectables, including a console or PC copy of the game, a chilling 10-inch statue of The Dark Man, and a haunting 4-inch miniature of Ostadte. Additionally, fans can look forward to the exclusive SteelBook, a “do not disturb” door hanger for the true aficionados, and a striking set of Derceto 1930 wall stickers.

To augment the gameplay experience further, the Collector’s Edition features enticing downloadable content, such as the Derceto 1992 Costume Pack, Director’s Commentary Mode, and Vintage Horror Filter Pack. A playable demo is available to download right now as you read, so if you want to try out the game first you can do so.

Yet, eager gamers must be swift to secure their copy of the Collector’s Edition, as it will be produced in limited quantities. A mere 5,000 copies of this coveted edition will be available for sale worldwide.

The first 20 copies will be exclusively up for grabs at the THQ Nordic Vienna Store, followed by copies 21 to 4,999, which can be obtained from THQ Nordic’s online store and select retail partners. The final copy, number 5,000, holds a special destination—it will be enshrined in the Embracer Games Archive, a prestigious game preservation archive based in Sweden.

Alone in the Dark Returns with a Frightening New Look

Alone In The Dark Reboot Collector's Edition

The revelation, which took place in 2022, disclosed that the Alone in the Dark remake boasts an entirely original narrative penned by the talented Mikael Hedberg, known for his work on Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Set against the backdrop of the 1920s, the game delves into the quest of Emily Hartwood, a determined young woman on a mission to find her missing uncle.

Assisting her in this enigmatic journey is the skilled private investigator Edward Carnby. The game unfolds in the eerie American Gothic South, requiring players to navigate haunting environments, engage in fierce survival battles, and unravel the well-guarded secrets of the foreboding Derceto mansion.

Excitingly, players don’t need any prior familiarity with the series to immerse themselves in the captivating storyline. However, THQ Nordic has promised an indulgent nostalgic feel for long-time fans, as they are bound to “recognise some things” throughout the game.

The Alone in the Dark remake represents a remarkable reimagining of the trilogy’s first installment, initially released in 1992. This venture marks a significant milestone, as it is the franchise’s first major release since 2015’s Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

The gaming industry, currently in the midst of a renaissance of remakes, has witnessed 2023 as a particularly fortuitous year for horror game enthusiasts. The anticipation surrounding the Alone in the Dark remake hinges on its ability to deliver a harmonious blend of novel elements while preserving the cherished essence of the original.

Excitement is mounting, and fans can mark their calendars as the grand unveiling of Alone in the Dark is scheduled for October 25th, with availability on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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