Starfield’s Stellar Debut: Climbing the Video Game Charts of 2023

Starfield In The Video Game Charts of 2023
Starfield In The Video Game Charts of 2023

According to newly released data, Bethesda’s galactic RPG Starfield enjoyed the fifth biggest European game launch of 2023 so far, outselling mammoth titles like Resident Evil 4 and Final Fantasy 16. It’s even hit the number 1 spot in the UK games charts too. This latest insight cements its status as a breakout commercial hit.

Given Starfield’s immense pre-release hype, its sales success is no shock. Prior to launch, it already became Steam’s biggest 2023 top seller. Factoring in its day-one Xbox Game Pass debut, Starfield also boasted Bethesda’s most players ever within 48 hours of release.

Now data from Game Sales Data (GSD) reveals just how monumental its launch week truly was. In Europe, Starfield topped sales charts for the week ending September 10th. More impressively, it clinched 2023’s fifth biggest European debut, surpassing acclaimed titles like RE4 Remake and FF16. Only Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4 and Hogwarts Legacy achieved higher week one sales.

Hitting number one in the United Kingdom is something that the developers will be very proud of. A country that would have been identified early on for sales and popularity growth. The RPG has massive Halo vibes of how much hype that series got around it when Microsoft launched it all those years ago.

UK Video Game Chart for The Week Ending September 2, 2023.
UK Video Game Chart for The Week Ending September 2, 2023

However, Starfield’s simultaneous Game Pass launch likely suppressed its sales ranking. Subscription downloads aren’t tracked by GSD, so millions of Game Pass players didn’t contribute to Starfield’s figures. Its five-day early access period helped offset this, but Game Pass undoubtedly minimised first week purchases.

Still, for Microsoft who now owns Bethesda publisher ZeniMax, traditional sales are secondary to growing Game Pass. They happily sacrifice unit sales to boost subscriptions. And industry watchers already believe the title has greatly benefited Xbox console sales despite eating into its own debut numbers.

Recently the indie band Imagine Dragons collaborated with the devs hot title and dropped a cosmic anthem to further enhance the noise surrounding the game. All of this helps in sales and other gaming developers can learn a thing or two about how the marketing has gone for the RPG.

In any case, Starfield’s phenomenal early reception is fully deserved. Its vast, visually stunning sci-fi universe built on hard sci-fi concepts offers an engrossing adventure playground odyssey for space explorers. Word of mouth will likely continue driving sales as more discover its ambitious scope.

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For Bethesda’s first new IP in decades, Starfield represents a bold step into uncharted territory. Early indications suggest the risky endeavour has paid off, with fans responding enthusiastically.

As post-launch support and expansions bolster the experience, the game’s star will only continue rising. And its early European sales success cements its status as a true next-generation sci-fi saga that can withstand any comparison.

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