Star Fox Programmer Thinks Fox McCloud Will Take Flight Again Soon

Star Fox McCloud and Friends
Star Fox McCloud and Friends

An esteemed Nintendo developer believes the classic Star Fox franchise will resurface in the future after nearly a seven-year absence of new entries. The original Star Fox debuted on Super Nintendo in 1993, wowing gamers with unprecedented 3D graphics and intense space shooter action.

Starring Fox McCloud and his anthropomorphic animal crew, it became one of Nintendo’s most beloved properties. Follow-ups arrived across generations to varying success, and characters like Fox joined the Super Smash Bros. roster.

But the series faded from prominence after Star Fox Zero on Wii U in 2016, with only the long-delayed Super Nintendo sequel Star Fox 2 released since via the Classic Edition bundle. Rumours of a new Switch game by Retro Studios never materialised either, leaving fans dreaming of Star Fox’s return.

However, according to Dylan Cuthbert, a programmer on the iconic first game, Nintendo will eventually revive the dormant series. In an interview, Cuthbert expressed confidence Star Fox would come back, noting Nintendo’s persistence despite struggling to recapture the original’s magic.

Cuthbert attributed that magic to a blend of Amiga-style 3D shooting reminiscent of games like Carrier Command with Nintendo’s family-friendly charm. While respecting later entries, the programmer felt each lacked key ingredients of that successful formula he recalls so fondly.

Return Could Happen on Switch or a Future Nintendo Console

Star Fox McCloud Flying Through Space

Beyond Cuthbert, fans continue paying tribute to Star Fox through art and indie projects channeling its thrilling space dogfights. And many hope to see Fox McCloud properly return either on Switch or Nintendo’s rumoured next system.

If there’s a moment to strike you would feel that the time is now. What with there being a nostalgia over-drive in the gaming sphere as of late thanks to remakes and OG titles making a comeback.

For now, Nintendo remains silent on any new Star Fox plans. But Cuthbert’s insider perspective suggests the franchise still has open skies ahead. Its absence has only compounded nostalgia and appetite for another action-packed interstellar adventure alongside Fox and friends.

Whenever the Arwings take flight again, Nintendo will have to balance innovation with evoking the series’ roots. But with the right blend of spirit, spectacle and gameplay, Star Fox could once again establish itself as a soaring Nintendo flagship. Dylan and fans worldwide eagerly await the day Fox and crew are called back to action.

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