Techland Outlines Extensive Dying Light 2 Content Roadmap

Dying Light 2 Stay Human New Missions
Dying Light 2 Stay Human New Missions

Developer Techland has unveiled an extensive content roadmap for their open-world zombie sequel Dying Light 2: Stay Human, confirming substantial post-launch support is planned well into the future. The ambitious slate of additions comes shortly after update 1.12.2 brought tweaks based on player feedback.

October marks 20 months since Dying Light 2’s launch. Like the original, co-op with up to 3 friends is a major feature. Co-op helped drive early success, with 3 million players in the first weekend. However, Steam numbers show the sequel now lags behind its predecessor in daily active users.

Dying Light 2 Content Roadmap Trailer

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Nevertheless, Techland remains committed to long-term support. A new roadmap trailer details upcoming content, including new missions, challenges, a Nightmare difficulty, replayable anomalies, and a Tower Raid mode.

A Multitude of Content Arriving Very Soon

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Quality of Life Improvements

The trailer also reveals fan favourite characters from the first Dying Light will appear in the sequel. Graphics options like adjustable field of view and enhanced effects are planned too.

Additional content highlights include new enemy types, more weapon categories like knives and polearms, extra executions, crafting improvements, character customisation, text chat, and carrying overtools to New Game Plus.

No specific release window was given for these features. But Halloween and Winter holiday events were teased for late 2023, implying the first wave of content drops soon. The 2nd DLC has already been delayed until 2024, so all we can do is keep our eyes peeled for news in the coming weeks ahead.

Even 20 months post-launch, Techland is providing meaty Dying Light 2 updates based directly on what the community wants to see added. The roadmap shows they aim to keep players engaged with substantial expansions for many more months to come. A recent crossover with The Walking Dead was a genius move from the devs, mixing horror with horror is always a formula for success.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Roadmap

While the sequel has not maintained the staggering momentum of its record-breaking debut, this kind of long-term support gives hope that the franchise can continue growing its passionate fanbase over time. With continued evolution, Dying Light 2 can retain players as it lives up to its full potential.

For those who have stayed loyal since launch, this roadmap is a promising indication that their dedication has not been forgotten. Ambitious new content and features will keep the post-apocalyptic world feeling fresh and rewarding to revisit. With Techland’s continued attention, the future looks bright for fans awaiting more zombie-slaying action.

Dying Light 2 is available now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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