Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning Revives Extraction and More

Season 5 Reckoning Halo Infinite
Season 5 Reckoning Halo Infinite

Microsoft’s 343 Industries has revealed full details on the extensive content update coming in Halo Infinite Season 5: Reckoning on October 17th.

After struggling to retain players early on due to 98% of the player-base disappearing, recent well-received updates like Season 4’s Infection mode have helped rebuild momentum. A trailer was released mere hours ago as of the timing of this writing and can be viewed below.

Season 5 Reckoning Trailer For Halo Infinite

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Season 5 aims to continue that resurgence with highly anticipated additions including a revived Extraction mode, Flood-inspired cosmetics, Forge improvements, and major progression changes.

Extraction brings back the intense 4v4 asymmetric objective mode first introduced in Halo 4, with Spartan attackers seeking to detonate ordnances and Elites defending key sites. New Flood-themed customisation options will allow players to outfit their Spartans with sinister looks referencing the alien parasite faction. Reaching Hero career rank also unlocks Master Chief’s iconic Infinite armour from the campaign.

The content update adds two new Arena maps called Forbidden and Prism for competitive variety. Forge receives an AI toolkit to assist machinima and PvE experiences, and players can now earn XP in Custom Games. A fresh Co-Op take on Firefight called King of the Hill arrives later in S05 as well.

50 Tier Battle Pass and Timed Operations

Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning Gameplay

Progression is streamlined with a 50 tier Battle Pass instead of 100. Content unlocks are bundled into fewer tiers, so an item like a coating now applies account-wide to all cores in one tier rather than separate unlocks per core. This consolidation allows faster rewards through fewer tiers.

The Premium Pass still provides unlimited time to complete, costs 1000 credits, and awards 1000 credits. The free pass spans 20 tiers but now expires when S05 ends, unlike permanently keeping all 100 previously. This encourages completing it sooner while providing more efficient unlocks.

After Season 5, timed special events are being replaced by 4-6 week Operations with 20 free reward tiers. Players unlock tiers through XP rather than challenges alone. 500 credit premium upgrades instantly award a bonus cosmetic and durable pass with perks. 2000 credits instantly unlocks all tiers.

Unlike expired events, past Operations can be purchased post-ending. Season 5 adds Operations Combined Arms and Winter Contingency III.

The Battle Pass and Operations changes aim to provide players greater value via smarter progression and content unlocks. While expiring free passes and events could be controversial, focusing engagement into defined windows allows moving the whole community through content simultaneously. The title recently introduced 8v8 squad battles and nostalgia-triggering maps to try pleasing fans.

If these changes resonate as intended, S05: Reckoning could make major strides repairing Halo Infinite’s damaged reputation and bringing back disillusioned fans. Combined with bold new modes resurrecting classic Halo’s magic, the road ahead seems brighter than the FPS’s troubled past. But execution remains crucial, and adjustments will be judged by players seeking meaningful innovation alongside nostalgia.

The current season which is coming to an end, went down very well within the community so fresh ideas were very much welcomed to keep the momentum going.

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By listening to fan feedback and acting decisively, 343 Industries shows commitment to righting the course. Halo has weathered storms before, and its devoted community wants Infinite to succeed. If Season 5 delivers, it could mark a turning point where players finally believe in the game’s future again.

Halo Infinite can be accessed on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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