Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Closed Alpha & Harley Quinn Trailer Unveiled

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League - Harley Quinn Shooting Cinematic

Rocksteady Studios has dropped more details on the anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game, including a new trailer spotlighting Harley Quinn’s abilities and the announcement of an upcoming closed alpha test.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League - Harley Quinn Shooting Cinematic

Key Highlights:

  • Closed alpha runs Nov 30th – Dec 4th on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC.
  • Players must register on website and agree to NDA.
  • New gameplay trailer shows off Harley Quinn’s combat skills .
  • Game launches February 2nd, 2024 on next-gen consoles and PC.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League puts a twist on the famous team by having them face off against corrupted versions of DC’s biggest heroes. After two delays, the game is gearing up for its February release.

To help test its online infrastructure, Warner Bros. is holding a closed alpha at the end of November. The limited test gives select fans early hands-on access.

Harley Quinn Trailer

YouTube video

Alongside the alpha announcement, Rocksteady revealed a new Suicide Squad gameplay trailer centered around popular squad member Harley Quinn.

It shows Harley utilising melee attacks with her iconic baseball bat along with a variety of guns and explosives. She also employs strange contraptions like a bat-shaped drone. Her traversal moves are highlighted as well, with Harley sliding down wires and even uses Batman’s grappling hook to fly through Gotham City. The trailer demonstrates her uniquely chaotic combat style fitting the mad villain.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League - Harley Quinn Grappling Through Gotham City
Harley Quinn Grappling Through Gotham City

Closed Alpha Test Details

Players interested in participating in the closed technical alpha can register on the game’s official website. There is no guarantee of being selected.

The alpha runs from November 30th through December 4th. Those chosen will need to agree to an NDA during the registration process.

The test will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. It will focus on a specific section of the campaign’s co-op.

February 2024 Release Date

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League - Harley Quinn Hanging Upside Down in Arkham Prison

After two delays from its original 2022 target, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is scheduled to launch on February 2, 2024.

The extra development time will hopefully allow Rocksteady to polish the title and address earlier concerns about extensive live service elements.

Four Playable Suicide Squad Members

Gamers step into the shoes of Harley Quinn along with Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. The four dysfunctional villains turned heroes must work together to take down Brainiac and the world’s greatest superheroes he has corrupted.

Teamwork combo moves will play a key role in strategically confronting different types of enemies. Players possess the flexibility to switch between squad members instantly during gameplay. The fan-base can even look forward to classic retro outfits for the foursome, but these are only available by pre-ordering.

While fans eagerly await playing the full game, the closed alpha test lets select players experience a small tease later this month. Those lucky participants can get their first hands-on impression before launch.

For everyone else, the new Harley Quinn trailer helps showcase the chaotic combat and traversal that players can expect when the Suicide Squad game releases next February.

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