Street Fighter 6: Akuma’s Colour Variations and Moveset Breakdown

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Character Guide
Street Fighter 6 Akuma Character Guide

Key Highlights:

  • Capcom has unveiled all 10 colour variations for Akuma’s default and alternate outfits in Street Fighter 6.
  • A new tutorial video provides an in-depth look at Akuma’s moveset, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.
  • Akuma boasts powerful attacks but has low health, requiring players to react swiftly.
  • Street Fighter 6 has reached an impressive 3.3 million units sold globally, a testament to its popularity.

Capcom have released an 11 minute video showcasing Akuma’s moves and colours for outfit 2.

Street Fighter fans can now feast their eyes on the various colour styles available for the franchise’s iconic master of the Satsui no Hado.

As the deadly fighter joins Street Fighter 6’s roster, he brings not only overwhelming power but also a versatile wardrobe to match his formidable presence.

A Kaleidoscope of Colours For his signature default outfit, Akuma’s flowing mane takes on distinct hues across 10 different colour palettes. Among these options, players can choose from:

  • His classic fiery red hair, reminiscent of his roots
  • A striking new white shade, adding a fresh twist
  • Inky black, exuding a mysterious aura
  • Brilliant gold, reminiscent of a Super Saiyan’s radiant glow
  • Vivid blue accented by crimson beads, a bold and captivating combination

Additionally, his gloves and pants also change colours to complement the selected palette, further enhancing his overall look.

Alternate Costume: Subtle Variations

Akuma’s alternate costume follows a similar array of colours, with a few notable variations.

Most notably, the first two palettes swap the hair colours seen in his default first and second looks. This allows players to experience his traditional red mane in the alternate outfit and vice versa.

While Akuma’s appearance offers variety, his core fighting style is deeply rooted in unbridled ferocity.

Street Fighter 6 – Akuma Gameplay Trailer (Watch on YouTube)

According to Capcom’s newly released character guide, he boasts “powerful, easy-to-use moves” capable of controlling space and pressuring opponents from all ranges.

However, balancing this fearsome arsenal is Akuma’s low vitality. Players must read and react rapidly to situations, as a few well-placed hits could spell doom for the Satsui no Hado master.

This balance between offence and defence adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to mastering his playstyle.

The tutorial showcases Akuma’s diverse toolset, highlighting the various techniques at his disposal. These include:

  • Fireballs (both ground and air variants)
  • Anti-air techniques to counter aerial assaults
  • Up-close strikes for intense close-range pressure
  • Corner pressure options to keep opponents trapped
  • A unique throw option, adding another layer to his grappling game

One particularly noteworthy ability is Akuma’s grounded Gou Hadoken fireball. Players can now choose to hold a punch button to charge this projectile, making it more powerful upon release.

Meanwhile, his air fireball variant can be enhanced with an Overdrive version after a neutral jump, adding extra potency to his aerial game.

The Dreaded Raging Demon Unleashed

Street Fighter 6 Akuma Gameplay - Raging Demon
Image Credit Capcom

Of particular note is the dreaded Shun Goku Satsu, better known as the Raging Demon.

This potent super move has received some tweaks and adjustments in Street Fighter 6.

When activated up close, the opponent cannot jump away from the Raging Demon once it has started – they would have already had to be airborne before the screen freeze.

However, it is worth noting that the Raging Demon only has invincibility against projectiles and can only be used when Akuma’s health drops to 25% or lower.

Despite these limitations, Capcom mentions that this Critical Art is the “final word in combo closers,” likely meaning that it is incredibly powerful when used at the end of combos.

Players who can skillfully set up and land this devastating technique will undoubtedly gain a significant advantage.

Street Fighter 6: A Resounding Success

Street Fighter 6 Outfit 3 Luke Gameplay

As Street Fighter 6 approaches its one-year anniversary, Capcom continues to report strong sales figures for the highly anticipated title.

In their latest financial report, the company has shared the game’s recent sales numbers and performance metrics.

According to Capcom, SF6 has now reached an impressive 3.3 million units sold worldwide.

This milestone is a testament to the game’s popularity and the enduring appeal of the Beat ’em up franchise among fans.

The sales trajectory of Street Fighter 6 has been steadily increasing since its launch on June 2, 2023.

Previously, Capcom had announced that the game had hit the 3 million units sold mark in January 2024. To commemorate this achievement, the company released a special Chun-Li artwork as a thank-you message to fans.

Since that last report, SF6 has added another nearly 300,000 sold copies to its tally. This steady growth puts the game on track to hit even more significant milestones within its first year on the market.

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Akuma – Street Fighter 6’s next and final DLC character included in the Year 1 pass – near the end of this month, the game’s sales are expected to receive an additional boost.

The iconic villain’s inclusion will undoubtedly contribute further to the game’s overall sales performance.

He’ll arrive along with the Season 2 balance changes on May 22nd 2024.

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