Street Fighter 6 Reveals First DLC Character, Rashid Arrives

Street Fighter 6 Rashid DLC Character
Street Fighter 6 Rashid DLC Character

Capcom has spiced up the plot, announcing the addition of Street Fighter 6’s first DLC character, Rashid. We’ve been treated to a sneak peek of his gameplay in a freshly brewed trailer. The game started with a roster of 16 characters, comprising a medley of old-timers and rookies. These include the stalwarts like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, alongside new entrants such as Jamie, Marisa, and Kimberly.

Rashid: From SF 5 to Street Fighter 6 DLC

However, critics didn’t mince words over the rather modest initial line-up, noting a preponderance of faces we’ve seen more times than a repeated SF 2 combo. With a swift counter-move, Capcom announced a season’s worth of DLC fighters soon after the game hit the shelves.

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In this grand melee, some release dates have been juggled about, but claiming the spotlight as the debut DLC character of the season is Rashid, an alum of Street Fighter 5. The Saudi Arabian contender is a social media aficionado, using his digital savvy to share and stream his battles. Rashid is not just about mind games; his impressive acrobatic prowess can whip up tornadoes. The most recent Street Fighter 6 trailer serves a generous helping of Rashid’s tactics.

YouTube video

As the trailer kicks off, we’re treated to Rashid’s parkour shenanigans – a likely snapshot from his introduction scene in the World Tour. The lens then pans to his fighting style – echoing his SF5 performance, he’s a whirlwind of agile moves. His fight control and aggressive style is sure to send opponents reeling, with tornado-style attacks and forward-thrusting moves. Fans can get a slice of the action playing as this nimble fighter on 24th July 2023.

Costumes and Rewards: What to Expect with Rashid’s Arrival

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Gameplay Screenshot
Street Fighter 6 Rashid Gameplay Screenshot

Rashid’s character is vividly depicted in the trailer, a friendly face in the diverse Street Fighter universe. His fights are documented, his taunts are delivered with a cheery animation, and his demeanour is chilled. As with all the characters, Rashid also has an alternate costume reminiscent of his Street Fighter 5 look. Players can snap up a host of Fighting Pass rewards themed around Rashid, leading up to the DLC’s launch.

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Rashid’s popularity is undeniable, but his aggressive moveset and evasive manoeuvres caused quite a stir in the competitive circles of Street Fighter 5. Some players, while pleased with his addition, are bracing themselves for a tough ride when squaring off against him online. Rashid’s launch at July’s tail end leaves just three more DLC characters to unveil this season for Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 is up for grabs now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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