Street Fighter 6: Insane Mewtwo Mod Emerges Online

Street Fighter 6 MewTwo Mod
Street Fighter 6 MewTwo Mod

In a quirky twist, one modder has bestowed Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 with the gift of Mewtwo, the renowned Legendary Pokémon, as a playable combatant. Having launched at the start of June, Street Fighter 6 has brought a deluge of excitement and anticipation from its ardent followers.

A New Challenger Enters: Mewtwo in Street Fighter 6

This instalment not only revisited the steadfast old guard, including Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile but also introduced a fresh line-up of characters and a menacing new villain to take over from M. Bison, the franchise’s previous perennial arch-nemesis. With the Shadaloo despot consigned to oblivion, a chap named JP now dons the mantle of the franchise’s predominant antagonist.

MewTwo Street Fighter 6

JP, in Street Fighter 6, is cast in the mould of Bison’s successor, evident in various facets of his character. A stark contrast to Bison, who revelled in his malevolent nature and met his downfall accordingly, JP is portrayed as a wily strategist manipulating others for his objectives. Moreover, he’s armed with the formidable Psycho Power once utilised by Bison, crafting eerie constructs for battle while employing psychological tactics on his opponents. Given JP’s inclination towards playing a ‘zoner’ character and wielding lethal purple energy, one modder deemed him the ideal candidate for a Mewtwo makeover.

The Mastermind behind the Mewtwo Mod

This mod was the brainchild of Twitter’s Mika – Tail Lover, who envisioned replacing every character on Street Fighter 6’s roster with tail-endowed substitutes, selecting Mewtwo as the perfect alternative for JP. Mewtwo’s mod employs his model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, substituting JP’s cane with a spoon. The spoon is thought to be a nod to the Pokemon Adventures manga where the Psychic-type wields it for self-defence.

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While some adjustments had to be made for the mod to operate, such as omitting hand rigging and facial animations, and offering a single alternative outfit, the mod dovetails rather neatly with a character like JP. JP’s shadow-based attacks and effects are so seamlessly integrated that they seem right at home with Mewtwo’s aesthetics, despite his Psychic-type nature, mirroring his representation in the aforementioned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Street Fighter 6 mod can be accessed from the Nexus mods website.

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Players have now noted that JP, with the full game in play, stands as one of the most formidable adversaries. JP’s range and zoner status endow him with an array of options, making it challenging for opponents to deal damage or get within striking distance. However, seasoned players have discovered strategies to subdue the territory that JP controls. Conversely, mastering JP is no easy feat, his slightly offbeat moveset could be seen as unconventional but, if mastered, it could be a force to reckon with.

Street Fighter 6 is currently accessible on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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