EA Sports PGA Tour 4.0: Addressing Bugs and Adding Excitement

EA Sports PGA Tour Patch 4-0
EA Sports PGA Tour Patch 4-0

With golf aficionados everywhere raising their virtual clubs in salute, EA Sports PGA Tour has announced the details of its 4.0 patch, a long-anticipated update designed to rectify numerous bugs and generally spruce up the gameplay experience. This game-enhancing upgrade arrives two months on from the official launch of EA Sports PGA Tour, where Electronic Arts were offering a free trial for gamers to try out the latest golfing title. This is a sporting instalment that makes a triumphant return to the tee after eight golf-less years.

EA Sports PGA Tour Returns with Enhanced Gameplay

Standing as the latest offering in the titular series, EA Sports PGA Tour successfully breathes fresh life into the franchise, following in the footprints of previous popular iterations, namely Tiger Woods PGA Tour and the more recent Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.

The revitalised game brings a host of fresh features and gameplay enhancements to the fore, serving up an impressive selection of over 30 courses, spanning the golfing greats from Augusta National to the Old Course at St Andrews Links, not forgetting a couple of imaginative fantasy fairways. EA’s pledge to add even more golfing greenery in the coming months takes its first swing with the release of a new course as part of the 4.0 update.

New Features and Courses: What to Expect in EA Sports PGA Tour Update 4.0

EA Sports PGA Tour Patch Update 4

Unveiled in the 4.0 patch notes, EA Sports PGA Tour shows it’s been hard at work, swinging out a variety of stability solutions and gameplay enhancements, and teeing up new weekly and seasonal content for all to enjoy. This update welcomes the Los Angeles Country Club to the game, extending the variety of playable courses on offer. In career mode, the prestigious U.S. Open Championship will now take turns between the LA Country Club and The Country Club, with the promise of new challenges to let players relive pivotal moments from the legendary competition.

But the 4.0 update is about more than just bug bashing and fresh challenges; it brings a raft of life-enhancing tweaks for the discerning golfer. The Swing Meter and Aiming Arc have undergone a visual overhaul for better clarity, while changes to some golfer models now offer a more faithful representation of the pro golfers included in the game, marking a historic first for the franchise with the inclusion of women golfers.

EA has voiced its commitment to a rolling programme of game enhancements, with plans to continually drive more challenges and courses onto the virtual fairway. With the franchise having generated a healthy $771 million for Electronic Arts since the 1998 launch of Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf, and 2023’s EA Sports PGA Tour posting an impressive Steam sale figure of nearly $700,000 in the first week alone, it’s a safe bet that EA will remain committed to enhancing the game and keeping the franchise on par as one of the most beloved sports games around.

All of the patch notes can be found here at the official EA website.

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