The Guardians of Middle-Earth Review

Guardians Of Middle Earth
Lord Of The Rings The Guardians Of Middle Earth Review

So PC gamers will be well aware of this game coming out this week as the popularity in MOBA rises in fortune. MOBA stands for Multiplayer online battle arena to those of you who do not know. So this is our full review on the new Guardians of middle earth.

The rising trends in MOBA are from such brilliant games as League of legends and Dota 2 making their mark in the gaming world. Now Guardians of middle earth had the opportunity to do so aswell.

So people are used to playing these games online and the switch over to console was always a tall order to fulfill. Everyone are used to the controls that are already put there from the start. These types of games have always been on the famous PC console and most probably always will be.

Some gamers argue that there simply isn’t enough actual buttons on the controllers of the normal console platforms. In this game, you get to choose your character that you wish to play the hero as through the levels. You must put a full on assault onto the enemy’s bases like any other MOBA game.

The actual maps are designed to feel and look exactly like a Lord Of The Rings map should be. There will be monsters that come at you all guns blazing in a random attack. Obviously when you defeat these big enemy monsters, you gain vital experience points for your chosen character.

You have to then use these Xp points that you have collected over time and level up by gaining special abilities to then improve your overall players stats. At your own headquarters base, from time to time it will in fact release a massive wave of soldiers.

Unlocking Fan-Favourite Characters: Gandalf, Legolas, and Gollum

This army will then go on to their prime objective of destroying the enemy base and this is when your character should step in. By timing yourself sufficiently , you can capitalise on this by joining in on this attack and making your opponents pay.

You can unlock such fan loved characters like Gandalf, Legolas and Gollum after playing time. This is a real plus if you are a proper Lord of The Rings hardcore fan of the franchise. Overall though, this is no different to any other MOBA game that we have ever encountered before.

Final Rating: The Overall Verdict on Guardians of Middle-earth

The only difference is that it’s based on the LOTR series and is solely dedicated to that cause. If you are a battle arena fan that is also a Lord Of The Rings fanatic, then this is the game for you. We personally score it at a respectful Rating: 7 out of 10 overall.

Guardians Of Middle Earth
Guardians Of Middle Earth Review

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