Xbox 720 To Be Released Before The PlayStation 4

Rumour has it on the web that the Xbox 720 will be released up to a year or 6 months before the PlayStation 4. The Xbox 720 which is the edition after the 360, will be released in Christmas 2013 next year. The PS4 will have to wait until sometime in 2014 reports say.

This will be a significant advantage to the Xbox makers Microsoft in getting the head start that you need in this tough competition market. This means that many gamers will buy the new Xbox 720 because that will be the new games console and the only choice of upgrade for up to a whole year.

The nickname for the new version is the Xbox Next which is shortened version of 720. There will be no doubt that everyone will be calling it the 720 after everybody has been calling the 360 by the number sake for all these years.

This specific situation did happen quite a while ago with the previous Xbox 360 console being released a year earlier than the PlayStation 3. This did not however have any impact what so ever on the PS3. So who’s to say that it will have any effect this time round either.

The new Xbox 720 will be equipped with a built in Blu Ray player and a better Kinnect system that will be more reliable and crisp all round. The PS4 will be using a cloud system for gaming functions. Check out the images of the two new super cool hugely anticipated gaming consoles below.



The screenshot of the new Sony PlayStation 4 which will be out 2014 in the Autumn according to reports.


Xbox 720

Xbox 720

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