Xbox 360 & PS3 To Get Rayman Legends Release

Ubisoft have today confirmed the arrival of Rayman Legends onto the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles respectively. Originally supposes to only be for the Wii U, now the game is getting a upgrade to the big time consoles.

The release date is set to be at some point in the month of September 2013. The original developers Ubisoft also confirmed that they will be handling proceedings for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

The company apparently got a ton of fan mail requesting that Rayman Legends be put onto both of the major platform consoles. Now they have obliged and said that they are happy to increase and widen their audience for the popular platform game.

The actual original Wii U version has annoyed many fans after being consistently delayed several times. As we said above, the release date is for September but we may need to confirm that closer to the time.

Rayman Legends PS3

Rayman Legends

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