Diablo 3 Makes It Onto The PS3 & PS4

Diablo 3 PS3

Blizzard entertainment have confirmed today that their epic fantasy role playing video game will transform onto the PS3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Each of the Diablo 3 versions will be the exact same as the successful PC edition. All the features will be nearly the same and they include.

  • Legendary Items
  • Customizable Monster Power
  • Paragon Levelling System
  • Brawling

A user interface will have a complete revamp though Blizzard have confirmed which will be a welcomed change. There will be all new camera angles and a better control scheme for the PlayStation versions.

The best news is that players will be able to play four player co-op online or in single player. Blizzard have been thinking of converting their Diablo 3 game to the famous Sony computer machine for quite some time now. They have said that gamers will not be disappointed and it plays well on the PS3.

The PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3 will get a tester to show players what they can look forward to on March 22nd 2013.

Diablo 3 PS3
Diablo 3 PS3

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