Battlefield 4 Release Date Web Rumours

A Chines video games site called Gamersky has released a couple of images that might tell us all when the Battlefield 4 release date is. The site claims that what they have published is legitimate and that it’s the official EB games poster for the upcoming shooter.

The controversial poster reads that the Battlefield 4 release date is for the fall of this year. They also state, that a special pre-order bonus will consist of real B4 dog tags whilst the stock lasts.

The Shanghai setting has been confirmed by EA and there’s now some really interesting artwork that has been published on the official Battlefield 4 website in the last couple of days. Fans of the series will have to log-in in order to access all of the available artwork though.

At the GDC event tomorrow, Electronic Arts have revealed plans to unveil some of the details on the upcoming game. Also, on Wednesday, EA plan to reveal their first ever official Battlefield 4 trailer.

For all of you gamers out there that didn’t know, if you pre-ordered the Medal of Honor Warfighter video game, then you will be entitled to the Battlefield 4 beta that will be out in the Autumn of this year.

Battlefield 4 Release Date

Battlefield 4 Release Date

Battlefield 4 pre-order

Battlefield 4 pre-order


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