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Rayman Jungle Run Update Now Live

Rayman Jungle Run

Ubisoft have released an update for their cartoon adventure game Rayman Jungle Run for the Windows 8 platforms. The brand new operating system from Microsoft has been a real success story for the game, and that’s possibly the reasoning for this update.

For all computers that are currently equipped with ATOM processors, the game will run much better than it did previously. The Windows 8 version of Rayman Jungle Run will give players access to well over 50 levels. That’s not all, players can play as either Rayman and Globox, explore 5 new worlds, and unlock super cool powers as you play through the games levels.

The game however, isn’t offered with any freeware license, but it’s compatible with all version of Windows 8. A trial version is currently available for £1.95 or $2.99 to Windows RT and 8 users. The Windows store page has all the details about downloading the update for the game.

Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman Jungle Run

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