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Sega Promise More Great Wii U Titles Are On The Way


After the not so shocking cancellation of an Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U version, Sega have spoken out about the situation. They’ve promised gamers that they have every intention of expanding their horizons on the Nintendo Wii U console.

It was earlier this week that the news came out about Sega deciding to cancel the Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U edition. Even though it was their biggest project on the Nintendo console to date, Sega are still adamant that they will produce some fantastic titles for the foreseeable future.

Sega’s most famous video game series in (Sonic The Hedgehog) has had to most success on Nintendo consoles in recent years gone by. So perhaps Sega fans will see yet another installment of the popular blue video game legend.

Sega Wii U Stance

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