Call Of Duty: Ghosts, What We Know So Far

Call of Duty Ghosts Preveiw

The Call of Duty game series has been entertaining us immensely since its inception in 2004. Being one of the most entertaining and immersing first person shooter games in its genre, it won millions of hearts worldwide. All the three main series – World War II, Modern Warfare and Black Ops – met with rave reviews for their breathtaking action and terrific graphics.

A new installment in the series, named as Call of Duty Ghosts has been announced recently by Activision, the game’s publishers. It is expected to be released in Q3 of 2013 and is already creating ripples in the Internet world, especially among the fan base of the franchise. Let’s see here what new additions it may have in store for us and how it differs from its predecessors.


As announced by its developers, COD Ghosts is set in a whole new location and has completely different storyline. Well, as the name implies and from the trailers, we can expect the gamer to control a highly skilled commando soldier that dons a mask to give a ghost-like, surreal look while performing top secret government operations. All the characters in the game will be new and have no relation with the older ones in the franchise.

Engine and Game-play

First, Infinity Ward (game’s developer) is said to be developing Modern Warfare 4, but owing to the release of the eighth generation gaming consoles like the latest Xbox and PlayStation 4, the company changed its strategy for giving the gamers a whole new gaming experience.

They completely abandoned their previous game engine and started developing a whole new one; this makes sure that we’re about to witness the graphics like never before seen in the older versions. We can say that is a very bold decision rather taking playing safe by re-modelling the old engine, changing the game setting and releasing it as a new version.

Many reviewers are expecting that this massive change can make the game compete with the likes of Crysis 3 and Halo 4. Multiplayer features may also be improved, but the enhanced graphics could mean that the game play could be more bandwidth hungry and suffer from frame rate performance issues at some point.

Apart from all these, the game could be available for playing on conventional PC’s as well, but it will surely need high-end graphic support and high processing speed.

Teaser Trailer

The official teaser trailer has been released and instantly became viral on the web. It features some masked figures looking like tribes prepared to fight with the commandos. We can get very little information from it as it is just a teaser, but it’s being speculated that Activision is going to release the first look of the game on May 21st of this year – the day when Microsoft is going to unveil their new Xbox console.

There’s no doubt that just like the previous versions, COD Ghosts is going to be sold as hot cake. Amidst all the expectations on the game, the pre-ordering for the copies is expected to begin very soon. Just have a first look of the game, update your gaming console to an eight-generation device and prepare for a never-before-seen gaming experience.

You can check out the official teaser trailer and leave comments in the box that is designated below the articles.

Call of Duty Ghosts Preview
Call of Duty Ghosts Preview

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