Final Fantasy X-2 HD New Screenshots Released

Final Fantasy X-2 Screenshot 5

Square Enix has today, released numerous new screenshots to showcase how well their upcoming Final Fantasy X-2 HD title will be upgraded and improved for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita launch.

The brand new selection of images shows characters Paine, Rikku and Yuna on their very own costume-changing adventure. The high resolution screens end up looking very beautiful indeed. They also show the games outstanding environments in true visual HD.

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Both Final Fantasy X-2 and the X-2 HD edition will release later this year on Sony PS3 and Vita. The current PS2 role-playing games are being eagerly awaited by the huge fan-base that the series possesses. On the PS3, both editions will arrive as a complete package, whilst the Vita will get each versions individually.

Check out the screenshots that have been released today below:

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