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Konami Announce pre-E3 Show, PES 2014 Will Be Revealed

Konami E3 Show 2013

Konami Digital Entertainment have announced that their 3rd annual pre-E3 show will be taking place on 6th June 2013. That means that details regarding PES 2014, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

At the live event in June, Konami will showcase various interviews, new game trailers and gaming news on all of their upcoming titles. The Pre-E3 Show 2013 will commence at 19:00 across Europe and (18:00, UK time) in what will be a fantastic day for gaming fans.

The E3 event is set to take place on location of the famous US city of Los Angeles. gamers can expect to get access to behind-the-scenes footage on a host of Konami’s upcoming video games. You can check out the E3 show via the official website, we’ll keep you up to date on any news in the meantime.

Konami E3 Show 2013
Konami E3 Show 2013

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