EA Introduce Free Online Pass Content On Xbox Marketplace

Xbox Marketplace EA

Electronic Arts have decided to cut the price on the in-the-box DLC and various online passes for the general Xbox Marketplace. The entire bunch of downloadable content has been made completely free to download as of today.

The company’s online pass programme has been removed as the publisher received feedback from loyal fans and have decided that none of their new video games would have the feature attached to them.

This move today would suggest that EA are ready to implement this policy into all of their older titles as well. Here’s the list so far of what’s been converted from purchased items to free download below.

  • Bulletstorm Online Pass (Previously 800 MP)
  • SHIFT 2 Unleashed Online Pass (Previously 800 MP)
  • Alice: Madness Returns (Previously 800 MP)
  • Medal of Honor Online Pass (Previously 800 MP)
  • Bad Company 2 VIP (Previously 800 MP)
  • Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network (Previously 1200 MP)
  • Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner (Previously 1200 MP)
  • Skate 3 Skate Share Pack (Previously 800 MP)
  • Dragon Age 2 The Black Emporium (Previously 800 MP)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass (Previously 800 MP)

All of the above was posted first on the NeoGaf Forums today, and more free content is expected to be announced in the coming weeks ahead as well.

There’s some valuable content with certain DLC’s as well, like the Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network Pass has Zaeed as an extra squad member, as well as bonus vehicle-based missions too. Keep checking back here from time to time to see the latest updates regarding all the EA titles in the Xbox Marketplace.

Xbox Marketplace EA
Xbox Marketplace EA

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