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BF3 Close Quarters Is Free Using E3 Promo Code

BF3 Close Quarters Free DLC

All of you Battlefield 3 owners out there can download the Close Quarters DLC map pack for free by using a special E3 promotional code. EA Games have decided to allow the content to users for free on console and PC versions in compliance with their E3 expedition.

All gamers have to do in order to access this special offer, is launch the Origin client, and via the “Redeem Product Code” menu, simply enter the unique code ‘BF3E3’. It’s as simple as that, and your done within minutes! The fact that E3 concluded yesterday, means that there probably isn’t that long in order to claim this one-off deal.

The details on when this special coupon offer will end currently remain unclear, so you’re better off moving as fast as possible if you want to be in with a chance of free downloadable content.

BF3 Close Quarters Free DLC
BF3 Close Quarters Free DLC

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