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Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 Patch Coming Soon

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox

If you’ve been playing on the Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 8, then you have probably noticed that it’s had some slowdown issues. Tecmo Koei have acknowledged that there’s a slight problem, and are working on releasing a brand new patch that will make the fighting game run a lot smoother.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox
Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox

Fans have been becoming increasingly irritated at how this has come about and Tecmo Koei have issued an official statement regarding the slowdown bugs.

They said: “We have received your feedback regarding the slowdown issues for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360 version). We confirm that our development team is currently working on the patch and the patch will be released as soon as possible. We will announce the submission date as well as the release date on all our social network channels. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

You can follow them on Twitter by clicking here and get news on the game directly from the developers.

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