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Xbox One Coupon Deal Price Cut

Xbox One Toys R Us

Most gamers don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that’s been put alongside the upcoming next-gen console. So for all you video gamers out there that like saving a heap load of money, we’ve come across a special offer that may take your fancy.

The Xbox One will be priced at £429 at most retailers, and maybe even higher depending on where it is you’re going to be doing your shopping. Toys R Us have got a bargain offer that can create a loophole in purchasing the new console and making a massive saving.

If you buy a £1 item, then you’ll automatically receive 10 per cent off your next purchase. This means that you’ll save £45 when buying the new Xbox One machine. Gaming fanatics can also get £40 off when pre-ordering the Sony PlayStation 4 too.

The expert consumer review site (Trusted Reviews) posted the offer on their website today.

Xbox One Toys R Us
Xbox One Toys R Us

Using the coupon deal for Microsoft’s console will knock it back down to £383 and £311 for the PS4. the 10% discount will only last until July 31st 2013, so you will have to be quick in taking advantage of the great price drop offer!

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