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Killer is Dead DLC bonus Missions Screenshots

Killer is Dead

XSEED has decided to release a brand new batch of screenshots and details for the Killer is Dead downloadable content missions. In a new blog post on the official PlayStation Blog, the developers said that the Smooth Operator DLC pack will initially ship with the game.

Killer is Dead
Killer is Dead

This will provide gamers with additional content right from the off, with alternate costumes available for both Mika and Vivienne. There’s also some in-game glasses that will help Mondo charm all the ladies in the gigolo missions. That’s not all, there will even be a bonus mission thrown in for good measure that’s entitled Episode 51.

The bonus mission will introduce two new characters that are called Betty and Sebastian (who’s a vampire) respectively.

Killer is Dead will be heading your way on August 27th in North America, and August 30th for Europe. It’ll be out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. Check out the new screens in our gallery below.

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