New BF4 Gameplay Video Shows Ultra PC Graphics

EA Games have released a brand new gameplay video that showcases the upcoming shooter’s highest graphics settings when played on the PC. EA’s Los Angeles studio sent in the multiplayer gameplay clips to GamesHQMedia.

The footage above is claimed to be from the ultra high graphics from the PC version of the first-person shooter. The footage shows three very short clips of the multiplayer component that players will be able to experience this fall.

There’s a lot of shooting going on in the clips, so that will please all of you gun-crazy fans. Some of the visuals in the video may not be up to scratch, and that’s because YouTube only allows video’s to be ran at 30 FPS.



Battlefield 4 shoots it’s way to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 29th in North America, and November 1st across Europe. The next-gen versions will launch later this year.

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