Disney Infinity Receives Five New Toy Boxes From First Free Update

Disney Infinity Free Gifts

Disney Infinity has received five new toy boxes that contains a variety of Disney properties from it’s first free update today. The brand new toy boxes are a gift from the company, and they plan to release these little packages every single week for the title.

Disney Infinity Free Gifts
Disney Infinity Free Gifts

This week’s five additions are entitled the following:

  1. Floating Castle
  2. Tron vs. Sugar Rush
  3. Wonderland Maze
  4. Happiest Place
  5. Medieval Arena

A detailed video can be viewed at the footer of this page that will give you a much-needed tour about the Happiest Place content and make you better understand the gifts.

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One of the key features of Disney Infinity was the Toy Box mode, where players could create their own unique game worlds and experiences using virtual toys, objects, and environments. Toy Box mode offered endless possibilities for creativity, allowing players to build and customize their own levels, mini-games, and adventures. The power disc add-ons were hugely popular within the player-base as well.

Within the Disney Infinity community, players could share their created Toy Boxes with others through an online service called the Toy Box Hub. This allowed players to download and play each other’s creations, expanding the game’s content and offering new experiences beyond the pre-built playsets.

Unfortunately, Disney discontinued the Disney Infinity series in 2016, and the online services for sharing and downloading Toy Boxes were shut down. As a result, new Toy Boxes cannot be created or shared officially through Disney’s servers. However, some fans of the game may have preserved their favourite Toy Boxes and made them available for download through other means, such as fan forums or community websites.

If you’re interested in exploring or downloading Disney Infinity Toy Boxes, I would recommend searching for Disney Infinity fan communities or forums where players share their creations. These communities may have collections of Toy Boxes available for download, allowing you to experience the creative worlds and adventures built by fellow Disney Infinity enthusiasts.

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