Final Horizon Will Get A PS4 & PS Vita Release In 2014

Stumbling across the official PlayStation Blog today, we noticed that Final Horizon, which is an Alien RTS from developers Total Recoil will be heading to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita at some point in 2014. The title will be more of a space invaders, cross War of The Worlds type game.

Final Horizon

Final Horizon

The extra-terrestrial beings will be developed and based upon various insects from Earth and they’ll rotate their motions with unpredictability to keep players guessing. The developers have been working on loads of different concepts to come up with a variety of aliens for use in the final finished version.

The Aliens will not only look a lot like insects, but they’ll also have the appearance of heavy armoury such as tanks and aircraft. You can see one of the concepts in the image, so that will give you an idea into what to expect when the title arrives next year. We’ve also got a couple more shots for you at the footer of the page if you want to check them out for yourself as well.

Final Horizon Alien

Final Horizon Alien

Eiconic Games who’re based in the United Kingdom will be the development team behind the project, and that’s about all the information that’s available on the game at this present moment in time. There will be much more to learn over the course of the coming months though, so stay up to date by checking back with us periodically.

Via the official PS blog

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