Ridge Racer: Driftopia PS3 Beta Starts Today

Ridge Racer Driftopia Beta
Ridge Racer Driftopia Beta
Ridge Racer Driftopia Beta

Namco Bandai have confirmed that their free-to-play arcade styled racing title “Ridge Racer: Driftopia” has had it’s PlayStation 3 beta launched today! If you’re keen on signing up, don’t worry, as there’s still plenty of time for you to register and start playing the racer. However, there’s a limited time for you to get involved, so you’re going to have to act extremely quickly if you want to get a look in.

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To register, simply head over to the official PSN Beta Homepage and fill out a few quick details, with only a handful of successful applicants expected to make the final cut. The game’s heading to the Windows PC and PS3 later on this fall, for now though, check out the beta trailer below and leave your comments on what you think of the title as well.

YouTube video

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