Fans Anticipate Subnautica 3 Announcement

Subnautica 3
Subnautica 3
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Fans of the Subnautica series have been eagerly anticipating news about the next installment, and Lead Artist Liam Tart has recently suggested that they may not have to wait much longer. The franchise, which focuses on underwater exploration, has garnered a dedicated following, and according to comments from another developer, the upcoming Subnautica game is likely to have an early access period like its predecessors.

Despite being developed by a relatively small team, Subnautica’s captivating blend of underwater survival and exploration mechanics earned it a unique appeal that made it stand out among other games of its genre. Following its official release, the game enjoyed remarkable popularity and achieved an astounding level of success.

The titles popularity stems from its unintentional horror element, as players are stranded on an alien planet deep beneath the ocean, surrounded by strange and aggressive creatures, including massive leviathans. The original game’s unused content, such as arctic environments and additional creatures, was utilised in Subnautica: Below Zero, a direct sequel that was released in May 2021 and continues the story of the first game.

Unknown Worlds, the developer of Subnautica, has been hiring additional staff to work on a new game set in the same universe since the release of the previous game. This, combined with cryptic tweets from members of the developer team, has led fans to speculate about a potential Subnautica 3 game.

Upcoming Content Incoming

Fans’ anticipation for the next installment of the Subnautica series has intensified with Lead Artist Liam Tart’s recent tweet on his own Twitter account which can be viewed below. Tart hinted that the development team has exciting content to showcase for the upcoming Subnautica game. Although no further information regarding the specifics of the game or its release date was given, it is clear that the team is making progress on the next title. With this announcement, fans can expect an official reveal sooner than they might have anticipated.

Moreover, the games animator & generalist developer, Mr Scott MacDonald, also known as Obraxis, sparked further speculation when they replied to a fan’s inquiry in the comments section of the tweet. While it’s still far from confirmed, this exchange seems to imply that the upcoming Subnautica game will undergo an early access phase, following in the footsteps of its predecessors.

Below Zero, the direct sequel, managed to maintain the game’s tone and expanded on the game’s universe, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics. Despite this, the game had enough differences to set it apart from the original, sparking curiosity among fans as to what to expect from the next installment. Stay tuned for more updates as they come in the following months ahead.

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