Trackmania Hits Consoles: A New Era for the Free-To-Play Racer

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Ubisoft’s thrilling free-to-play game, Trackmania, has kept PC players captivated since its launch in July 2020, thanks to thousands of custom tracks designed by the community. Last year, Ubisoft revealed plans to bring the enticing time-attack racer to console platforms in early 2023, though no specific date was given.

When Is Trackmania Available on Console?

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Fast-forward to the present day, and Trackmania has made its grand console debut, and much like its original PC version, it’s free to play.

What’s Trackmania All About? For those unfamiliar with Trackmania, the series revolves around conquering the clock, setting record-breaking times on intricate stunt tracks. The high-speed, time-trial gameplay is absolutely engrossing. The Royal and Ranked matchmaking game modes allow you to join forces with friends and participate in daily contests.

Trackmania supports crossplay and cross-progression with its PC version, meaning you can go head-to-head with friends across all platforms, be it PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox One. Additionally, the game is playable on Amazon’s Luna streaming platform.

Furthermore, Trackmania empowers players to construct their own tracks to test other players’ skills. The track editor, tailored specifically for the console launch, introduces hundreds of fresh blocks, culminating in more than 3,000 components.

Trackmania has already made its mark on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Free-to-play across all platforms, it can be obtained from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Xbox Store.

Although the Trackmania series originated in 2003, this marks only its second console release, following the underappreciated Trackmania Turbo in 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Standard Access vs Club Access: What’s the Difference?

Mirroring the original PC version, the console edition employs a subscription model to unlock additional content—a feature that sparked some controversy at its initial launch.

While the Starter Access is free-to-play, a Standard Access subscription will cost you £7.99/$9.99 annually. Moreover, there’s a premium Club Access tier, priced at £24.99/$29.99 annually or £49.99/$59.99 for three years.

Standard Access grants full access to track and replay editors, as well as the daily Track of the Day and Cup of the Day.

Club Access members can establish and join clubs to share their creations and coordinate events. Additionally, Club Access players can design skins and compete in the Open Grand League for an opportunity to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League tournament.

Opting for the free-to-play Standard Access version provides access to a rotating set of 25 tracks, with new seasons being introduced every three months.

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