Securing the Traveler’s Luggage Key in Warzone 2 DMZ: A Complete Guide

Travelers Luggage key in MW2 DMZ
Travelers Luggage key in MW2 DMZ 1

Exploring the DMZ mode

The amazing Call of Duty DMZ mode in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 offers a plethora of gaming attributes for players to delve into. The DMZ teems with tasks for players to fulfil, ranging from undertaking missions for various factions to accruing loot along the journey. It’s important to note that exclusive keys, attainable through the completion of Legion tasks, can pave the way to various loot tiers.

The Legion Assignment and the Traveler’s Luggage Key

A particular assignment for the Legion involves securing the Traveler’s Luggage Key and the subsequent loot associated with it. This key serves as a critical element in accomplishing the Drop Dead mission – a Legion assignment in the game. To unlock the Tier 3 Drop Dead task in DMZ, players will have to successfully conclude Tier 1 and 2 missions for the Legion.

Steps to Secure the Traveler’s Luggage Key

Securing the Traveler’s Luggage Key The Drop Dead mission in DMZ entails venturing to Al-Mazrah city and depositing 20 pieces of lethal equipment in the dumpster dead drop situated in the alley of Sarwana Hotel, north of the Al-Mazrah City Post Office. Any lethal gear including Semtex, Thermite, C4, Drill Charges, Frags, Molotovs, Proximity Mines, Claymores, and Throwing Knives are valid for the task.

Upon the successful completion of the Drop Dead mission, you’ll be awarded the coveted Traveler’s Luggage Key. However, this isn’t the sole method to acquire the key. You can also secure it randomly upon completing the HVT Contract or by eliminating enemy AI scattered across the map.

Locating the Traveler’s Luggage Duffel Bag

Once the Traveler’s Luggage Key is in your possession, make your way to the Al Malik Airport to locate the Traveler’s Luggage duffel bag.

You can find the bag nestled on the second floor of the building in the waiting room.

The Rewards from the Bag

Opening the bag will grant you random top-tier rewards, including two rare items. The key, once obtained, allows you to loot the area multiple times.

Understanding the Key Usage

Discovering the keys in MW2 DMZ might seem straightforward, but understanding their actual usage is a different ballgame. Using the key will unlock a vast array of loot items. Monetary value items are likely rewards, but there’s also a chance you could stumble upon a fully-equipped weapon or even another key if you’re fortunate.

Just ensure you make it to the nearest extraction point post haste, lest your efforts go in vain.In a nutshell, that’s all the information you need regarding the MW2 DMZ Traveler’s Luggage Key location and how to secure it.

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