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Metro: Last Light Returns to Steam – A Limited Time Free Treat

Steam Metro Last Light Free
Steam Metro Last Light Free 1

4A Games is set to present the 2013 cult favourite, Metro: Last Light, as a complimentary treat on Steam for a specific time period. Free games are occasionally dished out on Steam, rewarding those who keep a sharp eye out and swift fingers, considering the offers are generally short-lived.

Free Game Alert: 4A Games’ Limited Time Offering

Metro: Last Light is the second instalment in the Metro series, taking up the narrative thread right where Metro 2033 left off. The third episode, Metro Exodus, hit the market in 2019. Speculation about a fourth title in the Metro collection being in the works is rife, even though ongoing tensions with Russia have influenced the Ukrainian-origin 4A Games’ projects.

In honour of the decade-long journey of Metro: Last Light, 4A Games will be offering the game free of charge on Steam from 10 AM PST/6 PM in UK time on 18th May until 25th May. This gives newcomers or players wishing to grab a copy for a fresh platform precisely one week to secure it.

The announcement does carry an element of potential confusion as it mentions the free offering to be the original Complete Edition of Metro: Last Light. This is distinct from the Metro: Last Light Redux edition currently listed on Steam, which is a polished version inclusive of all DLC. The non-Redux original edition was retired from Steam upon the launch of Redux. Hence, it remains ambiguous whether Redux will be available for free or whether the original edition will resurface specifically for this giveaway.

The Roots of Metro: Last Light: From Novels to Gaming Phenomenon

The Metro games draw inspiration from a book series penned by Dmitry Glukhovsky, a Russian writer and journalist. The Metro universe has expanded over time, accommodating three main novels, a variety of comics, graphic novels, short stories, and even a board game. A film adaptation was announced a few years back, though it has since taken a backseat with no recent updates.

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Two of Glukhovsky’s Metro novels and the trio of games trace the journey of main character Artyom through the underground metro system of Moscow, a sanctuary for survivors of a nuclear disaster in 2013. Two decades on, the metro is home to new factions, radiation-mutated animals, and enigmatic entities with telepathic abilities known as the Dark Ones. Artyom embarks on a complex mission to assist the inhabitants of the deteriorating metro, neutralise rival factions, and delve into the mystery of the Dark Ones.

Metro: Last Light can currently be played on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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