Diancie to Debut at Pokemon GO Fest: All You Need to Know

Mythical Pokemon Go
Mythical Pokemon Go

Niantic has officially announced the much-anticipated arrival of Diancie in Pokemon GO. The start of Season 11 has brought with it a plethora of engaging content, yet the major attention is riveted on the exciting event lined up prior to the season, the highlight of Pokemon GO’s annual schedule.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global Celebrations Unfold

August will see the annual Pokemon GO Fest roll out in full swing, scheduled to take place in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The vibrant cities of New York, London, and Osaka are set to play host to community activities including wild Pokemon encounters, promising an experience that’ll unite local Pokemon GO enthusiasts. But the celebrations aren’t limited to these cities alone. The global chapter of Pokemon GO Fest 2023 ensures that all players worldwide can join in, even without a festival ticket.

Amid fervent conjecture, Diancie’s entrance into Pokemon GO has been confirmed to coincide with the Fest, enhancing the roster of Fairy-type Pokemon in the game. The news was broke courtesy of the official Pokemon Go Twitter account. Ticket bearers can access Diancie’s Special Research, both during the local and global events.

The Fest will also witness the launch of Carbink, a Gen 6 Rock/Fairy-type Pokemon, scheduled to show up on the 27th and 28th of August. Alongside, players can avail of bonuses such as extended Lure Modules and an augmented Remote Raid Pass limit. Saturday’s global event will see four hourly habitats hosting specific Pokemon.

Diancie Mythical Pokemon

Four Unique Habitats: What to Expect from Pokemon GO Fest Global

The Quartz Terrarium habitat will house Pikachu adorned with a quartz crown, alongside Heracross, East Sea Shellos, and Buneary. Pyrite Sands will be home to Pikachu in a pyrite crown, Trapinch, Gible, and Joltik. In the Malachite Wilderness, players will encounter Pikachu with a malachite crown, Roselia, and Oranguru, while the Aquamarine Shores will see the most famous Pokemon sporting an aquamarine crown, Marill, West Sea Shellos, and Goomy. No habitat rotations will occur on Sunday, enabling players to discover Pokemon any time.

In addition, ticket holders will have exclusive Incense Encounters with Hisuian Growlithe (Quartz Terrarium), Pawniard (Pyrite Sands), Carnivine (Malachite Wilderness), and Pachirisu (Aquamarine Shores). Moreover, they can also spot various elusive Unown.

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Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest is always a beacon of new developments and exciting finds. Last year, Shaymin was discovered at the Fest, eventually making its global debut nearly a year later. Diancie’s debut, though similar, stirs curiosity regarding the possibility of a “second debut”, akin to Shaymin’s journey.

Pokemon GO can be downloaded on Mobile Devices including Android and iOS platforms.

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