Monster Hunter Now: What to Expect in the Online Gameplay Reveal

Monster Hunter Now Online Gameplay Reveal
Monster Hunter Now Online Gameplay Reveal

Capcom and Niantic, the maestros behind the highly-anticipated mobile game, Monster Hunter Now, have broken their code of silence. Get ready for an online extravaganza that will unearth the mysteries of this monstrous title’s gameplay! So, if you’ve been champing at the bit for a sneak peek at this upcoming sensation, hold onto your hats – the live stream will be a must-attend!

Since the release of a teaser trailer back in April 2023, when Monster Hunter Now was announced with much fanfare, the details have been scarcer than a snowflake in the Sahara. The trailer did serve up a taste of its innovative AR features and battle system, but left us salivating for more. Even the release window – the tantalising promise of September 2023 left fans twiddling their thumbs and counting the days.

However news today reveals the developers have disclosed info about an online showcase on the horizon. This event, set to take place on the 27th of July, 2023, at 12 Noon UK/4:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM CEST, promises to pull back the veil on Monster Hunter Now’s gameplay and its official release date. It’s the kind of revelation that’ll get any serious gamer out of bed at an ungodly hour!

The developers recently revealed that this game is not about making money! The goal is to boost brand awareness as Capcom aim for long-term success with the franchise.

Mystery shrouds the live stream’s specifics, but fans will surely have caught the tweet’s clue: a cheeky snapshot featuring four members of the elusive development team. According to the cryptic post, these wizards of coding will share tales from the trenches of the game’s development, alongside the much-anticipated gameplay showcase and release date revelation.

Doesn’t that sound like a ripping yarn? And it’s stirred up quite a tempest among the game’s enthusiasts. Responses are buzzing with electricity, bristling with anticipation of the epic unveiling. After all, it’s not every day that we get such a close look at a game in its beta stage. The veil of secrecy has only added fuel to the fire of anticipation!

Capcom’s loyal fanbase may be twitching for news about additions to the mainstream Monster Hunter series, but this showcase is still a juicy bone to chew on. If anything, it bodes well for the future of the franchise. With both Capcom and Niantic at the helm, the expectations are sky-high. Let’s hope Monster Hunter Now can soar above and beyond these lofty standards.

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Get ready to mark your calendars and cancel your plans for this September, when Monster Hunter Now is set to drop on mobile devices.

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