Capcom’s Monster Hunter Now: A Brand-Boosting Initiative Disguised as a Game

Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

It’s not about the dosh, mate! At least, that’s what Capcom seems to be implying when it comes to their new game, Monster Hunter Now. Uncharacteristically frank for the industry, the company is going about managing expectations by stating that the cash registers aren’t expected to be ringing off the hook with this title, even though it’s only weeks away from the big reveal after a limited beta test.

Monster Hunter Now: More than Just a Profit Generator

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The eagerly-awaited Monster Hunter Now, announced back in April, is an AR mobile game, sprung from the creative minds at Niantic, the developers behind the hit game Pokemon GO. The game, while not enjoying the heyday popularity it once did, has still been a cash cow over the last seven years. So, it’s understandable that Capcom’s shareholders might be rubbing their hands together at the thought of Monster Hunter Now. However, the company’s top brass is keen to temper expectations, insisting the focus is more on brand-building than money-making.

The game, merging real-world exploration with action-packed gameplay and resource gathering, has a different motivation. During a recent general shareholder meeting, a Capcom official stated the game’s aim is to elevate the Monster Hunter brand’s global standing, rather than act as a cash generator.

Capcom-44th Annual Shareholders Meeting

Such an approach to mobile games isn’t a novelty in the Land of the Rising Sun. In December 2022, Nintendo adopted a similar stance, saying that its mobile games, such as Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour, were not about raking in the profits but were mainly marketing tools. Capcom’s tactic seems to mirror this approach, only this time it’s to keep commercial expectations for Monster Hunter Now on a leash.

It’s predecessor MH Rise has just geared up for the last digital event where fans can have one last look at new content before the game is done. Now the Japanese gaming giants will be able to focus all of their attention onto the upcoming mobile title.

Capcom’s Mobile Game Strategy: Classic Ports and Brand Promotion

Capcom is well-acquainted with the mobile development landscape, mostly focusing on porting classics like Mega Man X and the Ace Attorney series. However, Monster Hunter Now is a bit of a different beast – their first mobile-exclusive spin-off of a hugely popular franchise. Regardless of the commercial aspirations (or lack thereof), this latest title appears to be a game more in line with the likes of Pokemon GO or Fire Emblem Heroes rather than Monster Hunter Stories.

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In terms of other plans, Capcom revealed at its shareholder meeting that it’s open to revamping non-numbered Resident Evil games. They also hinted at resurrecting the Onimusha series. But for now, all eyes are on Monster Hunter Now as it gears up for its September 2023 mobile launch. It might not be a money-spinner, but it could be a brand-booster, and that’s the name of the game for Capcom.

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