EA FC 24 Clubs Trailer Shows How Pro Clubs is Getting a Social Makeover

EA SPORTS FC 24 Pro Clubs
EA SPORTS FC 24 Pro Clubs

As EA pivots from the FIFA moniker this season, one question looms large – which classic game modes will make the jump to EA FC 24? Clubs provides a reassuring answer, confirming robust online team play remains central to the virtual pitch. Whether you crave competitive ladder climbing or casual kickabouts with friends, Clubs aims to be a lively social hub.

EA Sports released a brand new Clubs trailer that showcases the revamped game mode in all its glory.

Watch The Official EA FC 24 Clubs Trailer

The trailer gives out a lot of details and the added bonus of some gameplay footage. At its core, Clubs allows controlling an individual player while your real life and AI teammates handle the remaining roles in 11 vs 11 matches. But an overhauled progression system provides more ways to develop your club identity than ever before.

The developers have said that the player faces won’t be a problem come launch, so you can expect to see that total realism on the pitch come what September.

Perform well during League Phases and your reputation will rise, bringing rewards like expanding your home stadium, supporters in the stands, and improved AI squadmates. Even solo players can build up their club brand thanks to this new reputation economy.

Another welcome change is the introduction of multi-week League Phases rather than traditional promotion and relegation. Compete in normal matches before entering high-stakes Playoff showdowns to earn seasonal rewards and prestigious silverware.

This provides satisfying bite-sized competitive sprints that keep action intense. It could also deter foul play like rage-quitting since abandoning a match damages your Playoff seeding. Reduced frustration means more joyful times with friends.

Crossplay Opens Doors to Playing EA FC 24 with Friends On PlayStation & Xbox

EA SPORTS FC 24 Virtual Clubs

Speaking of friends, crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox consoles finally unites players across ecosystems. Having your club roster split across platforms will no longer hinder enjoying games together. Unified leaderboards also enable friendly cross-platform rivalries.

Customising your club is deeper than ever thanks to the Club Identity features. Design and share a badge, craft custom kits, build your dream stadium and much more. Then pick a signature PlayStyle like Finisher that defines your virtual player.

The expanded toolset lets creativity run wild in shaping a truly unique club identity. Show it off against rivals in fast-paced 3v3 Club Scrimmages. Then regularly check the Clubs Hub for new cosmetics, gear and stadium options to take personalisation even further over time.

Electronic Arts have pulled out all the stops this year with not just this game mode but a brand new Ballon D’or ceremony for career mode, and a multitude of league licenses in the bag too.

Making your football fantasies a reality has never been more flexible thanks to EA FC 24 Clubs’ wealth of customisation options. For those who only enjoy the beautiful game alongside their closest mates, it promises to fulfil that gamified team camaraderie at its peak.

Of course, EA’s FIFA series has refined online Pro Clubs for over a decade now. But Clubs shows ambition to take social play up a level. Letting friends completely brand their club however they choose unlocks deeper bonds between teammates. Rivalries feel more real when your club has distinct personality.

Some will take Clubs competition incredibly seriously in pursuit of glory. Others will simply relish the ability to play alongside buddies anywhere in the world. Either way, Clubs’ social foundation remains football fun at its most pure and enjoyable form.

EA FC 24 has a release date of September 29th, 2023.

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