Minecraft Xbox Series X/S Hopes Dashed by Microsoft Statement

Minecraft Xbox Series X_S Upgrade News

Microsoft Shoots Down Imminent Xbox Series X/S Minecraft Version, Frustrating Fans Worldwide.

Minecraft Xbox Series X_S Upgrade News

Recent rumours swirled of Minecraft finally coming to Xbox Series X/S, spurring speculation Microsoft would unveil a next-gen upgrade soon. But Microsoft has just doused cold water on that enthusiasm, stating a new version isn’t arriving in the “near future.”

Over its decade-plus evolution, Mojang has strived to bring Minecraft to every viable platform imaginable. Yet surprisingly, Microsoft’s own flagship consoles remain untouched beyond backward compatibility.

Naturally, fans clamoured for an optimised edition leveraging Series X/S power given Minecraft’s Microsoft ownership. Mutterings amplified recently after rating board classifications hinted at impending announcements.

Hopes escalated Minecon Live 2023 could deliver a spectacular next-gen Minecraft showcase. But Microsoft asserts the classified ratings don’t imply new versions are imminent. Periodic reviews apparently triggered the premature filings.

Statement Carefully Words Imminent Denial

Per a statement issued to Eurogamer, Microsoft declared upgraded Minecraft editions simply aren’t planned for the “near future” at this stage. A crushing blow to eager players anticipating 60fps cube chopping.

Minecraft Xbox Series X-S News

The wording does leave wiggle room down the road, but don’t expect tangible news anytime soon. Microsoft clearly aims to temper expectations, given the game’s immense popularity.

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As the biggest modern gaming phenomenon, a Series X/S launch would be monumental, bolstering console sales and Game Pass subscriptions. When the time comes, Microsoft will ensure all eyes fixate on the popular block building title.

The non-denial of next-gen development also avoids outright lying. Most reasonable fans expected eventual Xbox Series X/S versions regardless of rumours. But the indefinite timeline stings.

Of course, perfectionist Mojang likely desires utmost polish for any upgraded console debut. And Microsoft covets an attention-seizing showcase befitting the block builder’s stature. Patience remains prudent.

For now, players must settle for Cross-Gen Bundle upgrades or base backward compatibility. But down the road, a phenomenal next-gen vision surely still takes shape behind the scenes. Stay hopeful, but curb expectations until Microsoft deems the craft complete.

Minecraft is currently available now on Mobile Devices, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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