Minecraft Rated for Xbox Series X/S – Next-Gen Upgrade Incoming

Minecraft On Xbox Series X
Minecraft On Xbox Series X

Minecraft’s blocky world may soon expand into richer new territory, as the cultural phenomenon has been rated for Xbox Series X/S in Germany. This signals that a true next-gen upgrade tailored for Microsoft’s latest consoles could arrive soon rather than just backward compatibility support.

Since its humble debut in 2009, Minecraft has amassed updates ranging from vital bug fixes to sweeping content additions. Take the recent Trails and Tales update, which brought archaeology, bamboo blocks, camels, and more. But a custom build leveraging Series X/S power would take the experience to new levels.

As spotted by industry insider Andrew Marmo via social networking site Twitter, Minecraft currently lacks native integration with the Series consoles. Gamers play via backward compatibility with Xbox One versions. But an official port could mean tapping into capabilities only the newest Xbox can provide.

Potential perks include finally bringing the stunning ray tracing effects currently PC-exclusive to console players. Last-gen systems simply couldn’t handle the technical demands, but the Series X/S has the raw power to render Minecraft with gorgeous lighting effects. Loading times and world generation may also improve thanks to the bleeding-edge SSD speeds.

Of course, as a Microsoft property via Mojang acquisition, you’d expect the title to eventually shine on Xbox flagships. With millions diving into the recent Minecraft Legends and Game Pass driving new players, the timing makes sense to let its most iconic franchise fully flex next-gen muscles.

Interestingly, while the game has expanded to platforms like PlayStation and Switch, Xbox often receives preferential treatment and early access to features. So a bespoke Series X/S upgrade continuing that tradition fits Microsoft’s broader ecosystem ambitions.

Until official word drops, skepticism is warranted as with any unconfirmed leak or rumour. But the rating at least confirms Series X/S development is underway in some capacity. And for the millions who’ve collectively spent eons crafting, exploring, and creating in the game’s blocky sandbox, the promise of new frontiers is one step closer.

Even if incremental on the surface, technical and visual upgrades accumulate to provide that pure next-gen feel. Minecraft’s essence persists eternally. But the opportunity to build even more immersive worlds and kingdoms never looked closer at hand.

Minecraft is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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