Sonic Superstars Details New 90’s Inspired Music Track

Sonic Superstars OST - Pinball Carnival Act
Sonic Superstars OST - Pinball Carnival Act

Sonic is revving up to supercharge into a fresh retro adventure next month. Sega recently unveiled music from the first act of Sonic Superstars new Pinball Carnival Zone. This catchy track channels the hedgehog’s 16-bit Genesis glory days – hinting at exhilarating new worlds ahead when the game launches on the 17th of October.

The blue blur built his reputation on blistering 2D sidescrollers in the early 90s. After years of experimental 3D outings, 2017’s Sonic Mania rolled back the clock with pixel-perfect classic gameplay. But Sonic Superstars adopts a stylish new look for its retro revival.

Listen To The New Music Soundtrack For Sonic Superstars

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While remaining true to the franchise’s roots, Sega is pumping the sequel with new ideas. Players will battle returning foes like Dr. Eggman across completely original zones rather than rehashed renditions. The arsenal of villains expands with Fang the Sniper and sungazer lizard Trip joining the fray.

Furthermore, Chaos Emeralds also gain unique powers to augment Sonic’s abilities for the first time. Of course series purists can still opt for a classic Emerald-free experience. Sega aims to strike a balance between fresh twists and comfortable nostalgia.

That delicate balance beams through in Pinball Carnival Zone’s catchy Act 1 mix unveiled on social media. Composer Rintaro Soma delivers driving rhythms and bright synthesizers distinctly evocative of the Genesis era. Fans quickly hailed the track as sounding ripped right from the gaming series prime years.

Sonic Superstars Soundtrack - Pinball Carnival Act 1

The composition bodes well for the zone’s ostensibly more pinball-inspired gameplay too. Ricocheting the iconic blue hedgehog around bumpers and spinners promises kinetic thrills the soundtrack neatly matches. If Pinball Carnival Zone represents the quality level overall, Sonic Superstars may become an instant classic.

Farewell Pixel Art, Hello Stylish Retro Visuals

Series co-creator Naoto Ohshima returning after decades also boosts hopes. Ohshima birthed Sonic’s timeless design and honed iconic early entries like Sonic CD. His involvement ensures Superstars remains rooted in the character’s defining roots.

For many devotees, that 16-bit pedigree matters more than purely chasing modern graphics trends. Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuki recently explained ditching Mania’s pixel art to enable more dynamic visual expression. But if this latest installment can recapture the hedgehog’s original spirit, fans will likely approve.

The wheels are already speedily turning towards Sonic’s next sidescrolling showstopper. With a month until the title launches on all major platforms, we’ll soon see if Sonic’s latest retro remix can recapture past Genesis glories. At the very least, the game boasts an electrifying first act.

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