Belle and Beast Bring Beauty to Disney Dreamlight Valley Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Update Poster
Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Update Poster

A tale as old as time is coming to the magical valley. Belle and Beast from Disney’s beloved Beauty and the Beast will soon make their debut in the popular life-sim game Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Update Tied to Game’s Upcoming One Year Anniversary

Announced via a poster teaser on social media, the fan-favourite characters are arriving in an upcoming Enchanted Adventure update. While no exact release date was confirmed, the add-on is expected to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary this autumn.

The game first waltzed into early access in September 2022, inviting players to restore a fallen Disney realm. As you customise your avatar, you’ll rebuild forgotten lands featuring classic films and make friends with icons like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella.

Dreamlight Valley whisks you away to a theme park paradise. Lush scenery and jaunty music set a whimsical mood while you craft, cook, farm and fish. Of course cross-movie mysteries and adventures spice up the mix too.

Previous updates added whole new realms themed after hits like Toy Story and The Lion King. But special character events keep the valley feeling alive. The Enchanted Adventure looks set to weave more magic by welcoming two cherished Disney leads.

The developers constantly offer free content as well to keep the community active and happy. These free items can range from furniture sets to exclusive Twitch drops for simply watching streams of the game.

Reactions to the teaser showcase overwhelming excitement. Beauty and the Beast remains many fans’ all-time favourite Disney film nearly 30 years later. And the 1991 classic cemented Belle and Beast as two of the mouse house’s most beloved characters.

Nightmare Before Christmas Speculation Abounds

Seeing the spirited heroine and misunderstood prince rendered in Dreamlight Valley’s storybook art style is sure to delight. Players eagerly await the chance to befriend these icons from childhoods and share adventures together.

Observant fans also noted scenery possibly a tease to another Disney cult classic. The distinctive curled hilltops resemble backdrops from Tim Burton’s 1993 offbeat musical The Nightmare Before Christmas. Crossover content from the spooky yet charming film would dovetail perfectly with an autumn anniversary bash.

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For now, Beauty and the Beast fans impatiently await their chance to welcome Belle and Beast into their valley. With the wildly creative custom clothing and decor players have already designed, this Enchanted Adventure looks primed to inspire even more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is out now in early access and will officially release on October 27th, 2023 for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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