Payday 3 Ditches Controversial Feature To Please Fans

Payday 3 Ditches Controversial Feature
Payday 3 Ditches Controversial Feature

In major news, the developers of Payday 3 have announced the removal of the controversial anti-piracy feature Denuvo, marking a substantial step toward better satisfying the game’s dedicated fanbase.

Denuvo, one of the less favoured anti-tampering technologies in gaming, will no longer be included in the game. This notable change signals the team focusing on delivering an experience more aligned with what players want.

In a surprise September 15th update, Payday 3’s official Twitter account announced the removal of Denuvo. This decision was met with a largely positive reaction from the game’s community.

Payday 3 continues the adventures of the popular heisters from 2013’s Payday 2, this time in a modernised New York City setting promising fresh robberies and heists. While fans eagerly anticipate any news about the sequel, some announcements have been less welcomed, like required online connectivity for solo play.

Focusing on the Experience Players Want

Payday 3 Pearl & Joy Gameplay

Last month, the publishers confirmed the title would incorporate Denuvo, an infamous anti-piracy solution used by many developers for its effectiveness at delaying piracy. The business benefits are clear, but concerns linger about potential impacts on performance, though its maker disputes this.

The future enhancements to the stealth title remain unknown, but a recently revealed content roadmap does outline four major DLC releases in the first year after launch, suggesting substantial post-release support.

For now, eliminating the unpopular Denuvo indicates the development team is listening to feedback and prioritising delivering the experience players desire. While slowing piracy, Denuvo generated controversy over possible performance hits, factual or not.

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Its removal shows a willingness to rethink unpopular choices to better serve players. This responsive change sets an encouraging tone as the anarchic world of heists prepares for its return.

Payday 3 arrives on September 21st for Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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