Payday 3’s DLC roadmap offers expansions and ongoing updates

Payday 3 Roadmap

Payday 3’s DLC roadmap offers a year of heist-filled excitement with four major expansions and ongoing updates.

Payday 3 Roadmap

Mask up for Payday 3’s planned year of larcenous post-launch content. Developers recently unveiled an ambitious DLC roadmap spanning new characters, missions and more – but will it tempt sceptical fans?The co-op heist shooter launches on 21st September.

Four major expansions headline the Payday 3 community-curated content calendar. Intriguing titles like Syntax Error, Boys in Blue, The Land of the Free and Fear and Greed suggest thrilling new locations and themes.

Beyond expansions, regular seasonal events, weapons, playable rogues and cosmetics aim to keep Payday 3 feeling fresh. This ongoing support mirrors Payday 2’s steady content drops over a decade.

Always-Online Hurdle Worries Modders and Solo Players

However, while some fans eagerly await more promised Payday, others remain wary. Mandatory always-online connectivity worries modders and solo players alike.

Payday 2 earned devotion through extensive mods and custom levels. But installing community creations may prove difficult with Payday 3’s required internet connection. Soloists also fear potential disruption from dodgy servers.

These apprehensions forced developers to defend their online-only approach. They promise added social features and anti-cheat protection necessitate an always-online experience.

But compromising mod support and offline accessibility risks alienating the series loyal fan-base. The team must walk a delicate tightrope between innovation and irritation.

Payday 3 Four Major Story Expansions

Ultimately, quality post-launch content will determine if this game can win back sceptics. The original went down so well within the gaming community as a whole through wildly varied missions, from tense bank heists to explosive raids.

New characters like the secretive Broker also introduced memorable personality to the criminal crew. Payday 3 must continue surprising players with inventive locations, missions and rogues.

The recently revealed stealthy gameplay trailer gave us a big insight of what to expect come this fall. It’s evident to see that there is far improved gunplay overall in this latest installment which is always a plus.

But revealed expansion titles remain vague for now. Developers must showcase that scope soon to keep players on board beyond launch day.

Ultimately the first-person heist shooter certainly shows potential for an extended crime wave. Yet concerns linger that tight DRM shackles could ultimately restrain the sequel’s prospects.

Payday 3 releases on September 21st for Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source – NME

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