Sonic Superstars Adds Competitive Battle Mode PvP

Sonic Superstars Battle Mode
Sonic Superstars Battle Mode

Sonic is set for his most competitive outing yet as Sonic Superstars introduces local and online PvP racing and battles. Alongside the core 2D platforming, the multiplayer component adds replayability after completing the main campaign.

Set for mid-October, Sonic Superstars continues the classic 2D formula that defined Sonic’s genesis alongside new Chaos Emerald abilities. A recent animated prologue outlined the plot involving Sonic’s alliance against Dr Eggman, Fang the Sniper and new villain Trip.

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Up to four players can also control characters simultaneously through local co-op, keeping the vibrant side-scrolling action frantic. Beyond the story, the newly detailed competitive Battle Mode will let friends and strangers test their skills against each other.

Supports Up to 8 Players Online or 4 Players Locally

Recently revealed via a press statement, Battle Mode supports four player local and eight player online competition. Players control customisable Meta Fighter avatars and compete to win three rounds on randomly selected stages for points and medals. Here’s how it works:

  • Race – Outpace your rivals and cross the finish line first.
  • Zap Scrap – Fire projectiles to engage opposing players. Accumulate points by inflicting harm on your adversaries, but watch your points decrease when you’re under attack. Uncover item crates to obtain a single enhanced projectile.
  • Star Snatcher – Gather stars within a specified time frame. Suffer the loss of a star upon taking any damage.
  • Survival – Maintain your position on the stage until the very end while evading incoming cannonballs from behind the screen. The platforms will crumble if struck by a cannonball or if you linger too long in one spot. Falling off the screen results in elimination from the game.

These unlockable medals allow buying cosmetic customisations when playing online, expanding outfit options as you progress. Offline play with friends lacks rankings or medals, but otherwise plays identically for casual competition.

The mode offers four distinct contests: Races to cross the finish line first; Zap Scrap battles to inflict damage; Star Snatcher games to grab stars while avoiding hits; and Survival matches on collapsing platforms avoiding cannonballs.

Sonic-Superstars Battle Mode Main Menu

The variety should provide plenty of outrageous multiplayer madness in the spirit of past entries. Since its inception, the Sonic franchise has pioneered creative multiplayer options to complement single player adventures.

These Battle Mode activities feel like natural extensions for Sonic Superstars’ emphasis on breakneck four player platforming. After saving the world from Eggman and cronies, testing skills against fellow fans is the perfect post-game challenge.

Developers Sonic Team understand the appeal of playing together. The best Sonic experiences capture frenetic, competitive fun with friends. Battle Mode channels that spirit online or on the couch.

Cosmetic Rewards and Leaderboards Add Replay Value

Racing to the goal or blasting buddies in coin collecting skirmishes promises manic trash talk. Like Mario Kart and Smash Bros, rivalries will be born from split-second Virtual defeats. Leaderboards and cosmetic rewards increase incentive to gain mastery.

While deeper than early series titles, these activities retain that carefree attitude attracting fans for decades. Playing as your customised Meta Fighter also brings greater immersion for your playable character.

Of course some may argue Sonic should stick to single player adventures. But multiplayer broadens the appeal and longevity considerably. As seen in most of the previous titles, it brings fresh dimension without compromising core identity. Talking of identity, if you haven’t seen the 90’s inspired soundtrack you definitely need to check that out to get your fix of nostalgia.

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If polished, Battle Mode could become a beloved fixture for instalments to come. For now, it’s one more reason to be pumped up for the gaming icon’s retrospective return next month. With local and online play, the speedy hedgehog’s social potential is fully unleashed.

Sonic Superstars launches on October 17th for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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