Players Rediscover GTA IV Multiplayer Servers Still Active

Grand Theft Auto IV Servers Back Online

Nostalgia for GTA IV Multiplayer Lingers as Players Discover Servers Still Active.

Grand Theft Auto IV Servers Back Online

A wave of nostalgia has swept through the Grand Theft Auto fan community in recent days after a Reddit user posted that they had managed to get GTA IV’s multiplayer servers running again on their PlayStation 3 console over 15 years after the game’s original release.

The initial Reddit post received over 2,700 upvotes as of the timing of this writing and was awarded multiple medals by the community, indicating the strong emotional sentiment attached to GTA IV’s multiplayer mode. “Just hooked up my PS3, GTA IV servers are still online that’s crazy. 4 other people in this lobby, time to hit the airport!!” Hrlv47 pointed out, prompting an outpouring of over 95 comments from fellow players.

According to the comments, access to GTA IV’s servers is made possible due to the game’s peer-to-peer connectivity rather than dedicated servers. “GTA 4 servers works on peer to peer connection, so server is being hosted on your, or someone else PS3. That’s why you can still playing now,” explained Reddit user ‘Dawnmian,’ a long-time contributor to GTA online communities.

This means GTA IV multiplayer lobbies are hosted directly by players’ consoles rather than centralised servers, allowing the game to remain playable indefinitely so long as there are active players. While peer-to-peer has some technological disadvantages, in this case it has proven unexpectedly beneficial for preserving continued access to the game’s beloved online world.

Comparing the Past and Present: GTA IV vs. GTA V Online Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto 4 Gameplay

The Reddit comments saw players fondly reminiscing about adventures and hijinks with GTA IV’s sandbox multiplayer, which many said they found more enjoyable than the structured online play of 2013’s GTA V. “I had way more fun on GTA IV online than I ever did on GTA V,” said Redditor ‘DecentMate,’ capturing the prevailing sentiment.

Others lamented losing access to GTA 4 on PC over the years due to now-defunct DRM services. Some pointed out that the game has recently been made available again through Steam and Rockstar Social Club, opening the door for a potential PC multiplayer revival. There were also calls for Rockstar Games to release a remastered version of the game to spread the unique multiplayer experience to new audiences.

All the hype is currently around the latest teasers from Rockstar for the upcoming GTA 6 title. The developers have been teasing their community for quite some time with many growing frustrated at a lack of news on the game which is currently in development. It’s reasons like this that force gamers into nostalgian that ends up producing moments like these.

For console owners, the reality of again being able to cruise the streets of Liberty City and engage in unrestrained multiplayer chaos has sparked excited talk of reinstalling GTA IV to recapture the magic. “Time to start up my ps3 again, I guess!” commented user ‘reapaica,’ earning over 20 upvotes.

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The outpouring of nostalgia, powered by a serendipitous server glitch, illustrates the title’s cultural significance as a pioneering open world online experience. It remains beloved by fans for its emergent gameplay and lasting memories well over a decade since its 2008 release. Whether on new remasters or the original version, the passion is still alive.

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