The Last of Us, Top 5 Best Melee Weapons

The Last of Us, Top 5 Best Melee Weapons
The Last of Us Top 5 Best Melee Weapons

When ammo runs low in The Last of Us, melee weapons become essential for survival. Despite leaving you vulnerable mid-swing, quick precise strikes preserve resources while eliminating threats. Based on durability, range and sheer damage, certain close-combat options stand out:

5. Pipe’s Unmatched Durability and Damage

The Last of Us, Top 5 Best Melee Weapons (Pipe)

The pipe’s durability proves unmatched, enduring a whopping 9 hits before breaking, plus cheap upgrades. Landing crushing blows, this blunt instrument quickly pounds enemies out of commission. And pipes are common finds when heavy damage can’t come soon enough.

4. Shivs for Silent Shanking and Shortcuts

The Last of Us Top 5 Best Melee Weapons Shiv

Cramped shivs provide stealth melee potential and access shortcuts via shiv doors. Slipping these crude homemade blades into enemy throats is silent and lethal. And unlocking hidden stashes saves resources. A basic shiv’s convenience makes them invaluable support items.

3. Iconic, Expendable Baseball Bat Carnage

The Last of Us, Top 5 Best Melee Weapons (Baseball Bat)

An iconic classic, the baseball bat is a trusty self-defense tool, turning the familiar wooden sport accessory into an unsportsmanlike skull-cracker. While flimsy unmodified, its speed enables downing foes before reinforcements arrive. With bats frequently found, it’s easy to stay armed.

2. Versatile Utility of the Reliable Hatchet

The Last of Us Top 5 Best Melee Weapons Hatchet

The hatchet packs even greater durability for devastating limbs and torsos up close. Able to fell most foes in one vicious chop, its prevalence as a find further elevates its utility. When sheer brutal simplicity is needed, the hatchet eagerly delivers.

1. The Machete’s Devastating Cleaving Strikes

The Last of Us Top 5 Best Melee Weapons Machete

Resembling the hatchet, the machete’s cleaving shape leaves no doubt about its singular dismembering purpose. Originally intended for slicing through bamboo, it slashes apart softer targets with equal efficiency. As an advanced weapon, the machete spawns later when such brutal force is required. Its lightning-fast cutting speed, long reach and thick durability make it a formidable enemy shredder.

With gunfire attracting unwanted hordes, resorting to handheld slaughter can be key. Whether crushing skulls with pipes, hacking apart infected with machetes or unlocking restricted areas, melee weapons become indispensable. Those that endure, deal maximum damage or enable stealth rise above the rest. But no matter the tool, getting medieval becomes critical to preserving your hide.

The Last of Us Part I is accessible for PS4, PS5 and Windows PC – Part II for PS4.

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